Thursday, 17 December 2015


I know it's not only me that wears training gear on the weekend and pretends they're working out, it not only makes you feel better, but it makes you look fit, which is a "thing" at the moment.
 I've started exercising a lot more and caring way more about what I wear to work out, but as I'm always doing a million things a day I like to add a fashion aspect to my outfit, you know Gym to breakfast kind of thing? So that's what this is, the Nicole version.

1. Circuit training- This matchy matchy set is already very fashion forward so throw a denim shirt around the waist and swap your running shoes for a pair of Nike Air Max. A top knot keeps it cool and still a bit sporty.

Top & Leggings Running Bare
Shoes Nike
Jacket Boohoo

2.Walking- Whether you're just going for a stroll or a power walk, this Nicce jumpsuit is comfortable enough for both. Street wear can double as active wear when doing simple exercises. Chuck a check around the waist and as I'm an OTT accessories Queen, I thought it would be  totes appropriate to put it back with some ghetto fab earrings.

Playsuit Nicce London at General Pants Co.
Shirt The Academy Brand at General Pants Co. 
Shoes Nike

3. Yoga- Bonds have made it possible to sweat it out in style with these elasticated shorts. I always wear a crop to Yoga as I don't like baggy tops getting in my way. A Stussy jacket over the shoulder and some slides gives it some street cred. 

Crop Bloch
Shorts Bonds
Jacket Stussy at Glue Store
Shoes Nike

Want to know what to eat after training? Personal Trainer Sophia Pace gives us the tips!

So what are the best foods to refuel your body with? After finishing any workout you want to eat within the first two hours as your body is in recovery mode. Your plate should include a mixture of complex carbohydrates (brown bread, quinoa, sweet potato etc) some protein and healthy fats. Take breakfast for example two poached eggs on brown bread with smashed avocado is an ideal meal which will replenish your body along with keeping you fuller for longer. H20 is also important so make sure you keep your hydration levels up and drink plenty of water throughout the day because when your body is properly hydrated it improves the quality of your workout, reduces fatigue and helps decrease recovery time.

Photography and Make-up Beauty on Film


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