Thursday, 12 November 2015


These days everyone is a blogger, including me, I guess. I would more call myself a stylist who has a blog. For the average girl who wants be a blogger, Chanel bags and Givenchy heels aren't accessible, and despite what you might think, this doesn't mean you can't have a successful blog. 

Here are some of my tips on doing it on the down low (no money, no honey)

* Stay true to your style, don't try and compete- For me, I have a niche following in the Australian market as my style, according to Aussie's is "crazy", this hasn't made me conform to be a black and white wearing blogger. Nothing wrong with being one, it's just not for me and just because it's popular doesn't mean you have to be a sheep. 
* Search chain stores and markets high and low- just because it's on sale, doesn't mean it's out of fashion. Put your own spin on it
* Always tag in brands- As you might be aware, most successful bloggers get given a lot of free clothing to post on social channels. If you buy something, always tag in the brand! They could repost you and this could start a relationship with the brand.
*Be creative with your content- If I see another girl holding a cup promoting diet tea I think I might SCREAM! Think about content your posting. Be original and try and photograph your images so it isn't generic, like photographing a pair of sunglasses on a cactus, just a thought! Pinterest and Tumblr have some great references. 
* If you get stuck, search street style or celebrities- It's hard to come up with continuous ways to style something, but image research is always useful. I have a folder on my computer of all my favourite looks that I have come across. 
* Do some DIY- See something you love but can't afford it? People love seeing how to get something for less. Spotlight and Typo are full of perfect things for DIY and then you can also blog about it.
* Keep it consistent- I don't wear designer clothes and in a year my success has grown immensely. I started off doing an outfit shot everyday to show what I was wearing. This got brands wanting to work with me and showed I was dedicated. 

You still don't believe me? Check out some looks I put together below from the high street to show how cheap it can be. 


1. Top, $34, Mink Pink @ Market HQ
2. Earrings, $8.42, New Look @ ASOS
3. Dungarees, $39.99, Chicabooti
4. Shirt, $29.95, Cotton on
5. Shoes, $46.41, ASOS
6. Clutch, $30, Boohoo

TOTAL = $188.77


1. Dress, $73.50, Missguided
2. Shoes, $115, Missguided
3. Belt, $16.85, New Look @ ASOS
4. Clutch, $29.53, ASOS
5. Ring, $12.95, Sportsgirl

TOTAL = $247.83


1. Top, $7.99, Chicabooti
2. Skirt, $26.37, ASOS
3. Shoes, $15, Rubi
4. Clutch, 29.53,  Boohoo @ ASOS
5. Choker, $22, New Look @ ASOS

TOTAL = $108.88

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