Tuesday, 22 September 2015

BUDA FKN PEST.. another story of travelling alone & why you should visit one of the best cities in the world


There are so many places on my travel bucket list and Budapest was right up the top. I couldn't find anyone to come with me on this trip and I just knew I couldn't miss out again, so I decided to take a leap and book a three day trip to Budapest on my lonesome. I have done previous blog posts about travelling alone but this was a different experience because I actually knew people when I arrived to these places, where as Budapest I knew nada. My friends know that before this trip these kind of things aren't something I would usually do. I usually build myself to make things worse then they are actually are so before this trip I was thinking- what if I make no friends? will I have to go out alone? what if someone vomits in the room? You know, usual thoughts.

The first thing I had to make sure of was that I was staying at the right hostel. I had initially booked Retox party hostel but when I read the introduction and it stated "You might wake up to people having sex or vomiting" then I knew it wasn't the one for me. I quickly emailed them and they moved me over to their other hostel Carpe Noctem Vitae.

When I was lining up to get my flight was when the terror set in..but I then heard some friendly Australian voices and thought, you know what? I have nothing to lose. I got chatting to them and asked where they were staying and they happened to be staying at the same hostel as me, getting out of my comfort zone wasn't as bad as I thought.

I chose to stay in a 14 bed mixed dorm and for someone who likes their cleanliness it sounded terrifying but wasn't that bad after all. This would be my number one tip, stay in a room with more people as not only will you make loads more friends, it was a good experience.

Each night the hostel had different activities from Boat party's along the river to beer bikes. Everyone was like a family and I quickly made some amazing friends. I came away from this experience with a huge smile on my face, even though I was extremely hung over on the plane ride home. I was so surprised and inspired by all the independent people who travel from place to place alone and the stories they told me. From hitch hiking for hours on end to getting stuck in weird countries with no money. It inspired me to travel more and just be more free (here comes the hippie speak) but in all seriousness I can't wait to travel alone again. I think if you're ever lost with your life or what direction you want to take, travelling alone will give you the answer in the end. Enough of my peace and love talk, here are some recommendations:


Everywhere in Jewish Quarter is amazing to eat and also walk around.

Hummus bar- names says it all, hummus, served for you in many ways
* Bors- best sandwiches and soups


* Carpe Noctem Vitae- this was a fun, friendly, clean and amazing place to stay! 


* Retox party hostel bar
* Instant- biggest ruin pub in Budapest
* Szimpla


* BP Store- you can't go to Budapest without getting a traditional Buda fkn Pest Tee and it also stocks one off killer trainers and caps
* Thrift shopping is HUGE in Budapest and also very cheap. Go to the kilo stores and how much each piece is goes by the weight


* Free walking tour- highly recommend as you get to see the whole city in a few hours
* Szechenyi Thermal Bath- Over ten different inside and outside baths, including a steam room and sauna

If you haven't visited Budapest I HIGHLY recommend it, one of the best places I have EVER visited.

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