Tuesday, 25 August 2015


As most of you may know, I have just arrived back from a three week holiday on a remote Greek Island called Ithaki. My dad was born there, it is absolutely magical and very quiet. For a city girl like me, who tends to love the busy life, it was a bit of a shock. I have been before but I was much younger and was happy to play in the park, this time, however, I was racking my brain wondering what I would be doing everyday. This for me was a big lesson on how to make the best out of my time alone. 
Travelling alone is such a weird but liberating feeling. I met some amazing people and I think a lot of women are scared to travel alone because they don't feel safe or are afraid of looking like a loser. Eating alone daily did make me feel like a bit of a nigel no friends, especially when I would order for two people and eat it all to myself, but I think it's all part of being happy alone.

Some of the things I did have to deal with so far travelling alone though is this, and yes these statements and questions actually happened:

* No I'm not a feminist/mean because I don't want to hook up with you, just because I'm alone, doesn't mean I'm desperate.
* Yes I saved up my own money for this trip and worked hard for it.
* Yes I have friends, they just have jobs and can't travel the world with me.
* No I don't need to find myself a husband because I'm 27
* Yes I'm 27, and that is not old, even though you just stated that "Wow I'm like 10 years younger than you"
* Yes I have a career, I'm not a gypsy, please stop judging me.

What to do when your a lone ranger

* Yoga- I loved waking up, going outside and doing yoga alone in the peace and quiet of the island.
* Buy a journal- write in it everyday about what you have done, who you have met and every one of your experiences.
* Drink a lot of coffee- everyday I would wake up, go to the coffee shop and spend an hour or so drinking coffee and skyping friends, made myself feel less lonely.
* Start a blog- It can be just for your friends and family of your travels
* Make photo albums- One of my best friends documents her travels so well. She makes powerpoint photo albums of each holiday and all her memories.
* Do a lot of exploring- I would just walk around and explore the island and make the most of the amazing scenery

This whole experience for me has been quite courageous, and I wouldn't have done it any other way! I have already booked my next alone trip to Budapest for next week, so let's hope I can say the same for that trip!

Photography Maxeen Kim
Bikini top H & M
Bottoms Shakuhachi
Cover up H & M


  1. Wow , I came across your Instagram account which has then led me to your blog.
    Just would like to congratulate you with your amazing outlook on life and your style is incredible! I love colour to and sometimes can look like Joseph and his tecni color dream coat! It's refreshing to see someone who shares my taste! Loved reading your posts! Keep them coming! Could you possibly do one about your fitness regime? #figuretodiefor many thanks Cimone X

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