Wednesday, 19 August 2015


I have been getting a lot of comments lately on my instagram about my "healthy" body. At first I took offence, like... what are they trying to say? I look like I enjoy my food?! because yes I do! But the more I spoke to people, I quickly realised this was a compliment. With social media and all these new applications where you can transform your body into something unrealistic, it is rare to see people not trying to enhance themselves. 

Living in Australia, most girls aspire to be stick thin and tall. Whilst travelling in Europe and the UK it has been so refreshing to see girls with curves and actually embracing them. For me, this has made me love my body even more. Having a healthy body is becoming something more and more women are wanting, and it such a positive thing.

So in honour of being proud of my healthy-burger-ribs-chips eating body, here are some images of me that my talented friend Max shot in Greece. No retouching, no make up, no enhancing.

Be proud of your curves! x

Photography Maxeen Kim
One piece by Lola & Lamar

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