Wednesday, 12 August 2015


I don't know about you, but, when I see anything to do with a belly dancing costume my eyes light up. I didn't find it weird until in Athens shopping with my cousin and I was so excited over this belt (the one I'm wearing in the photos) that I ran into the store and started screaming like a child.
This would have to be my favourite summer accessory and I definitely predict that they will be a hit at Coachella next year.

Tips on how to dress like a gypsy without looking like a Belly dancer..

* If wearing the belt over a skirt make sure it's a plain tube skirt and pair it back with a crop top or something quite simple on top, big earrings are never too much.
* You can wear the belt as a top, tie it at the back and put it with denim shorts and some gladiator sandals.
* As neck scarves seem to be a "thing" if you are daring enough to do it you can wear it loosely around your neck with a plain singlet underneath and boyfriend jeans.
* If you like to dress crazy like me you can always go all out with the sparkles and wear a trainer, they are always a good idea!

Photography Maxeen Kim
Skirt from Athens Flea Markets
Anklet from Ibiza 
Bikini top H & M