Tuesday, 14 July 2015



To stay:

* Hermes- Amazing pool looking over the beach, it is relaxing and they have pool partys every week. The owner Nick is super friendly and everyone that works there makes your time enjoyable

To eat:

* Hellenic Social- you will feel like you're in Bondi, fresh brunch and killer juices.
* Harmony- Go there for sunset and have margaritas and mexican balls.
* Lord Byron- Mediterranean food, huge portions and cool interior.
* Katogi- Greek tapas, make sure you book ahead.

To Drink:

* Alt bar- With over 100 shots, this is a really fun bar for pre drinks and try anything from a fire shot to a shot where you get blind folded and get a creamy surprise, literally!
* Lost boys- a cool bar based on Peter Pan. Play beer pong and chill before you the night gets crazy!
* Koo Bar- for my budding hip hop lovers, a small club but playing the best rnb tunes
* Sweet Irish- It doesn't open until 3am but this is where everyone heads until the sun rises, worth checking out if you want to dance on tables while they light the bar on fire.
* Slammer bar- They give you a helmet and a shot and hit you in the head with various items, including a fire extingusher, apparently it gets you more intoxicated, I was too drunk to realise..
* Pash- this is another nightclub, fun music and fun people.
*Circus bar- Probably my faviroute bar with live music every night and strawpedo competitons.
* Far out pool party- Wet t-shirt competitions and bascially lots of drunk people, best people watching possible.

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