Thursday, 30 April 2015


Sporty Spice wasn't ever my favorite Spice Girl, so my love for the "sports chic" look didn't stem from there, it was always Baby actually..
Every season we see a new catwalk but the same trend reoccurring but done slightly different, and I know some of you wonder- is that gym/sports/ghetto girl trend going to go away any time soon? The answer is NO... and this is WHY and what you need to invest in.

1. Rihanna wears it. That means everything. Adidas trackies are a must have, wearing them with heels is not chavvy, it's cool, TRUST ME!

2. Trainers + skirts are not only comfortable, they are a fun change to a boring heel.

3. Comfort is key with this trend, and I sure do love to be comfy, whilst looking as chic as Kendall Jenner (my dreadlocks said "in your dreams")

4. A sports bra can multitask, also worn as a top.

 5. You get instant street cred, esp looking like Eve in a sequin Ashish bomber!

I suggest you make this trend your own, as we all know it's been around and staying and not everyone wants to dress up in a basketball jersey.. and whenever your having a "I feel fat" day, you can chuck on some track pants and call in Sports Luxe.

Photography Paul Suesse