Monday, 19 September 2016

Get Kimmy K's killer outfit for UNDER $150

If you're like me and your jaw has been dropped over Kim's Fashion week outfits, you will want to know where to buy EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. 
I've found the best pieces to steal her FW style from one of my fav outfits she has worn so far. 

If you're worried about showing too much, wear nipple covers or a black minimal lace bra.

Cut the sleeves at the seam to get the sleeveless look. 

A bling choker brings cool to this statement outfit.

The white keeps it fresh and as minimalistic as possible in this situation

1. Bodysuit, $35, ASOS
2. Dress, $36, Missguided at ASOS
3. Shoes, $50, Missguided
4. Necklace, $12.95, Ebay

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Talking about the colour, not your birthday suit. Head to toe nude for every occasion. 


The only way to do double leather is keeping the hue light. Keep the neckline low and toughen it up with layered necklaces.

Shop the outfit here +ASOS 


Everything about this two piece is perfection, especially the price (under $50!) As well as the colour, the fit and the fabric. Pair back with some nude heels and do the hair style of the minute, braids.

Shop the outfit here @ Supre


Rule the boardroom in this tux dress. Give it a tom boy feel with some metallic brogues.

Shop the outfit here +Missguided 


Give the boy the cold shoulder and head out with the Girl Gang in this off the shoulder mini. A high pony gives it a girly feel, tie the look together with some ankle boots.

Shop the look here +Missguided 


A wow wedding dress without upstaging the bride. Keep accessories simple and your hair sleek.

Shop the look here +ASOS 

Thursday, 17 December 2015


I know it's not only me that wears training gear on the weekend and pretends they're working out, it not only makes you feel better, but it makes you look fit, which is a "thing" at the moment.
 I've started exercising a lot more and caring way more about what I wear to work out, but as I'm always doing a million things a day I like to add a fashion aspect to my outfit, you know Gym to breakfast kind of thing? So that's what this is, the Nicole version.

1. Circuit training- This matchy matchy set is already very fashion forward so throw a denim shirt around the waist and swap your running shoes for a pair of Nike Air Max. A top knot keeps it cool and still a bit sporty.

Top & Leggings Running Bare
Shoes Nike
Jacket Boohoo

2.Walking- Whether you're just going for a stroll or a power walk, this Nicce jumpsuit is comfortable enough for both. Street wear can double as active wear when doing simple exercises. Chuck a check around the waist and as I'm an OTT accessories Queen, I thought it would be  totes appropriate to put it back with some ghetto fab earrings.

Playsuit Nicce London at General Pants Co.
Shirt The Academy Brand at General Pants Co. 
Shoes Nike

3. Yoga- Bonds have made it possible to sweat it out in style with these elasticated shorts. I always wear a crop to Yoga as I don't like baggy tops getting in my way. A Stussy jacket over the shoulder and some slides gives it some street cred. 

Crop Bloch
Shorts Bonds
Jacket Stussy at Glue Store
Shoes Nike

Want to know what to eat after training? Personal Trainer Sophia Pace gives us the tips!

So what are the best foods to refuel your body with? After finishing any workout you want to eat within the first two hours as your body is in recovery mode. Your plate should include a mixture of complex carbohydrates (brown bread, quinoa, sweet potato etc) some protein and healthy fats. Take breakfast for example two poached eggs on brown bread with smashed avocado is an ideal meal which will replenish your body along with keeping you fuller for longer. H20 is also important so make sure you keep your hydration levels up and drink plenty of water throughout the day because when your body is properly hydrated it improves the quality of your workout, reduces fatigue and helps decrease recovery time.

Photography and Make-up Beauty on Film

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


I look back to even the start of this year and think to myself, Nicole, was that really you? did you really do that or think that? Life goes by fast and the decisions you make not only shape how your life turns out, but also the people who you have around you. 

Whilst I was in Greece this year visiting my family, I met a girl called Maxine. We shared similar ideas of men and I guess we talked about life a lot, as corny as it sounds. She really inspired me to get personal with my posts. In London we went and visited a Buddhist garden and discussed future ideas of what we were going to write about, she mentioned an idea of "things I would tell my younger self" and since that day the idea never left my head. If I had known half the stuff I know now, I would have made better decisions and saved myself a lot of stress. Easier said than done but this is what has bought me to writing this particular blog.

I work with many young girls and sometimes laugh to myself about the things they stress about. I laugh yet, that used to be me. So here it is, if I was to go back, this is what I would tell myself, take note.

1. People's opinions are just that, opinions: I grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone and everyone assumes they know your life better than you do. I used to care so much what people thought of me and it affected the way I lived my life. I tried to please people and wanted to prove that I was worthy, when really the only person's opinion that matters in life, is your own. People's opinions don't affect how long you live, how you live or how much you have, remember that when you think it matters that people talk about you.

 2. Being popular in school is irrelevant to your life: In the real world, none of that matters. As soon as you get out of the bubble and you start to live in reality where you have to earn a living to survive and meet people from all different walks of life, no-one cares whether you won hottest girl at the year 12 formal. It's not going to give you success in life, hard work and being a good person will though.

3. People don't change: You should never try and change a person or hope they will change. They won't. They might change their attitude, actions or how they feel but at the end of the day they are who they are. They might change for a year, a month or a week but the real person is always revealed in the end. If you can't handle certain things about a person, clear them from your life, simple.

4. Everything happens for a reason: Sounds cliche but it's true. Every knock back, break up, loss of job, every single thing that happens, shapes your life for the future. You might not know it today or next year but when I look back at the big events in my past when I literally thought my life was over, I sit back and realise it was making room for something better and more suited to my life.

5. Airing dirty laundry on social media is never a good idea: Not even sure if My Space even exists now as that was the only social media I used back in my teens, but I would cringe if I had to look at anything personal I had posted on there in my past. You can find anything by just googling these days, and sharing details of your cheating boyfriend or the fight you had with your best friend to the world is probably not going to go down well to a future employer. 

6. It's never too late to start again: In Australia, or maybe it's just in my home town, there is so much pressure to be married young, have kids, have a house and have a good job. I thought by now at 27 this would be my life and I put pressure on myself for it to be and fortunately for where I'm at in my life, it's not. You don't need to be doing it because everyone else is, if you decide you want to quit your job at 30 and travel or study it is ok. Life is for living, not to feel stuck. There is no rush.

7. Be in the now: As Eckhart Tolle would say. The present moment is all that matters. You can't predict your future and you never know what could happen. Enjoy every last minute and leave the stress of planning for when it really matters.

8. If something is meant to be in your life, it will be: Friends, boyfriends, you name it. If a person is meant to stay in your life, they will. You can't force someone to love you or want to be around you and can attach yourself to things. Have enough self respect to know this. 

 9. Loving someone and loving the idea of someone are different things: So many people jump from one relationship to the next these days. Admittedly that used to be me. I liked the idea of some people but the reality was, I didn't love them. Know the difference. 

10. Fear is a myth: I've always been scared of a few things- ghosts, public speaking (who would have thought with my big mouth) and what people thought of me. I'm still scared of ghosts, that probably won't change anytime soon but the moment you take a step out of your comfort zone is when you start living the life you deserve.

11. Your parents are your biggest supporters: I never believed this when I was younger but after everything that has happened over the past few years, it has become so clear. Your parents are the most important people in the world, so cut them some slack. 

12. Its not the amount of friends you have that counts, it's the quality of them: I do still have a lot of friends in my life, but one thing I have realised are the ones who actually have my back. At the end of the day it's quality not quantity. 

13. Always be yourself: Because there is no-one like you. Be proud of who you are, whether people like it or not. Don't try and change for anyone or conform to be like anyone else. It is a beautiful thing to be happy with you are and do what makes you happy. 

I know this post won't relate to every single person as everyone has a different life and a different story, but for me, these are my experiences and what I have learnt so far. You learn something new about life everyday, but remember to take it on board. 

Enough from Eat, Pray, Love Wannabe here, I hope you enjoyed X 

Thursday, 26 November 2015


When you think of double denim, is this the first thing that comes to mind? I thought so. I know Britney and Justin circa 2001 might have scared you off the trend forever BUT trust me on this one, it can look good. Below I've shown you three new ways to wear it this Summer, cowboy hat not compulsory.

For the beach goer 

The matchy matchy trend isn't going anywhere and this Seafolly summer set is a easy take on denim for someone who isn't really into the nineties trend. It's simple, yet effective. Paired with gladiator sandals and some reflector shades this look can be beach to bar, or just bar for us cocktail lovers.

Top & shorts, Seafolly
Sunglasses, Local Supply
Shoes, Missguided

For the nineties gal

Baggy denim can be done two ways. In this case I went high to accentuate my waist, so I could pair it back with a crop, my fav essential. Acid wash can be a hard one to pull off so make sure you always match the colours in the denim when doing the double look, E.G. Black denim with grey acid wash, and what I've done below with the light denim. Pink fluffy accessories never fail either, says the girl who eats glitter for breakfast. Flats will shorten the look, so pair it back with heels for a more feminine spin.

Top, Somedays Lovin at General Pants Co.
Jeans, Bonds
Shoes, River Island

For the street sista 

A denim playsuit is definitely an essential for summer, but, if you're not 6ft tall and a size 6, the look doesn't always go to plan. To give some shape and of course go with the double denim theme, a light weight trench tied around the waist is the perfect add on. Not only does it give the look some substance, it also covers your butt cheeks. If you want to show them, opt for a denim shirt. 

Trench, Cotton on

Photography and Make-up by Beauty on film